7 on 7When God says no to our requests, He really does know what he is doing… even in the small things. Let me explain.

Last Friday I was one of eight officials calling a football camp for nine local teams. The heat index was to be 100+, which would last from 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM. There were two fields, one was a game field, the other a practice field… down in what looked like a bowl. The official I was with told me their practice field was horrible and the wind never blew down there. Everyone wanted the game field. (Quick prayer time for me). Through a flip of the coin I ended up on the practice field (Dang it!)

To my surprise and that of my friend, there was a constant nice breeze AND clouds seemed to pretty much keep a shade over the field. Then we found out at lunch the game field had no breeze or shade. Ended up there was about a 10 degree difference… for which I was really grateful! Now for the lesson…

I know that is a small thing in the big scheme of life… but from God’s perspective EVERYTHING we think is important is small. Point is (In my little world) God gave me an initial disappointment in order to remind me He knows what He is doing. He can put clouds where He wants to and send a breeze wherever He desires. In other words, when God says no to any request we have it is for a good reason and we should trust him! No matter how big or small a thing is, God ALWAYS does what is good and glorifies Him.