prayer-1(Name changed):

Lord… Master… Sovereign Ruler… King and God above all.  My greatest desire is to honor and glorify You in all things at all times in all situations.  And so before I come before you in prayer for Tim Smith I ask you to give me Your heart toward them.  Heal me of the pain and hurt so that I don’t hold any ill will toward him… for his sin against me is nothing compared to the sin You forgave me against Your Son.  Remove any vestige of animosity or hatred so that I am not a hindrance to You in their life.  And God I ask you to forgive me of my sin against him… both in thought, deed, and neglect… for those things bring reproach upon Your Name.

Oh Lord God… You know all things.  You know all people, all circumstances, and situations.  Nothing escapes Your sight and Your memory is perfect.  You know all that has happened between me and Tim… what he and I both have said and done.  Yet Father, because your Son asked you to forgive me even while He was dying, I ask you to forgive my enemy for the wrongs He’s done to me and my family.  Do not hold it against him.  Cover his sin with the blood of Jesus just as you have covered my own sin.

Instead Great King, open Tim’s heart to receive wisdom from You.  By Your grace, kindness, and mercy I ask you to bless him with peace… contentment… and joy from on high.  According to your loving-kindness I request that you grant Tim rest at night and protection from those who would seek to harm or destroy him.  May You station Your angles around him as he travels… at his work… around his home… and everywhere his family goes.

I ask you to reveal Yourself to him as he reads Your Word.  Make his worship full, meaningful, and Spirit dominated.  When he prays, listen close to the requests and grant those that would be good for him.  Protect him from Satan and do not let his foot slip where there is danger.  Keep his heart, mind, and spirit trained on You and don’t let him ever stray either to the left or to the right.  Shelter him under Your wing of compassion, mercy, and protection.

Glorious God in heaven, use Tim in whatever way You deem best and necessary to bring honor and glory to Your name.  Use him to build up Your people… the Bride of Christ.  Give him utterance so that he may speak Your Truth so that the lost will come to salvation.   And above all… may Tim glorify You in every area of his life.

In Jesus’ Name,