Have you noticed in Sunday School that difficult passages are skipped OR your pastor/preacher not addressing hot topics found in the Bible OR that your Bible teacher steers away from hard passages and/or difficult questions?  Those were, for whatever reason, attempts to censor God’s Word (That may be a little harsh).  Maybe the reason was because the person was fearful… or unsure of the texts meaning… or didn’t want to take the time to explain it.

The Holy Spirit inspired Paul to write in Acts 20:27… “For I did not shrink from declaring to you the whole counsel of God.”   Remember this… there is nothing in God’s Word that can hurt you, it is all for God’s glory and your edification.  That applies to every single word!

When Jesus spoke and taught, it upset people!  There were times, because of his words, people quit following Him.  Consider the following.  Note: If you’re going to get mad, get mad at God… I’m just pointing you to His Word.

What Jesus said about eating his flesh and drinking his blood.

What Jesus said about divorce and remarriage.

What Jesus said about why people don’t believe in Him.

Others: Matthew 11John 2; Matthew 13.

It is not the perogative of any teacher or preacher to avoid (And sometimes misrepresent) God’s Word.  When Scripture is taught or preached, follow Paul’s example to teach it all… as it is… without apology or theological gymnastics.  God is honored when we rightly handle the Word of Truth!

We must move on to maturity or else we are crippled Christians.  This means wrestling with texts that are hard to understand.  Even the Apostles struggled to comprehend Scripture… we’re no different.  STUDY!