Ray Pritchard.jpg  God willing, Woodward Avenue Baptist Church will be blessed to have a nationally renowned author, speaker, and pastor Dr. Ray Pritchard delivering God’s Word this coming Sunday!  I have had the honor to get to know him personally over the last several months and have been blessed by him in many ways.

  Dr. Pritchard grew up in Russellville, Alabama.  His father was a physician and one of his brothers currently practices medicine in Florence, AL.  Pastor Ray has served churches in Texas, California, and most recently in Chicago, IL.  He is the author of more than 25 books.  God willing, soon I will be reading his latest book that is titled “Stealth Attack,” which has to do with Christian’s spiritual war against Satan.

  I have asked Dr. Pritchard to speak on a different subject though.  I requested that he deliver a message on forgiveness… which is also one of his more recent books.  Forgiveness is a hallmark of the Christian faith.  It involves not only God forgiving us, but us forgiving others.  I cannot think of a better topic to follow Resurrection Sunday than this one.  I’ve also asked him to bring a few copies of “The Healing Power of Forgiveness” for people to purchase if they so desire after the message.

  I encourage you to visit his website (Which is also a link from this blog).  There you will find wonderful insights into the Scripture, many Bible Studies, and tremendous words of encouragement.  Needless to say WABC will be blessed by God when Dr. Pritchard worships with us next Sunday (God willing).