The test of whether or not a man’s writings are significant is if people are still reading them 300 years after being written.  My guess is that 98.9% of what is published today will not fit that category.

Richard Baxter.jpgI have decided to embark upon a reading plan that may sound odd to some.  I’ve decided to read the writings of men who have been dead for hundreds of years… the Puritan Divines (Pastors).  In particular I’ll be reading sermons written between the years 1659 to 1689.

Most people recoil from the Puritans because they think they are starchy, legalistic, frowning, and trying to take all the fun out of life.  But nothing could be further from the truth!  They were people who loved life… lived it to it’s fullest… were known to be gregarious and loved God supremely.  They were also some of the most practical teachers of the Gospel I’ve ever read!

Richard Baxter (Pictured right.  Imagine what people will say about pictures of us 300 years from now!) is one of the men I am currently reading.  The message is titled, “The Cure of Melancholy and Overmuch Sorrow.”  Translated, “How to Defeat Depression.”  And I must say it is some of the best advice I’ve ever read about how to get out from under an emotional black cloud!  Click here to read his message.

If you are looking for something of substance to feed your soul, mind, heart, and spirit… I suggest doing a Google search and reading some of the writings of men like: Richard Baxter, Cotton Mather, John Owen, and Thomas Watson.  Or you can go to The Hall of Church History and you will find a veritable cornicopia of writings for reflection and edification.

What these men wrote will require you to think as you read.  The way they write is different from our own and you’ll have to translate some of their grammar and words into our present day usage… but trust me… you will be blessed!