There are some things people would prefer not to talk about… discuss… or consider.  And usually those are the very things that most need to be addressed.  If Christians keep their heads in the sand on issues that people are struggling with, then we have failed to be the kind of salt and light Jesus calls us to be.

This post addresses one such topic.  In fact, I warn you up front that there are some things in this post that many Christians would prefer to keep in the closet.  Their attitude is that if things are ignored, they either aren’t there or will go away.

Dr. Ray Pritchard provides a link to an article written by John Piper on a topic that is taboo for many in the Christian faith… Sexual Failure.  I commend it to your reading… but be warned… it is strong with a healthy dose of sound theology.

Click below to read the article…

How to deal with the guilt of sexual failure for the glory of Christ and His global cause.