If you didn’t read my son Trey’s letter to his future wife… click here.  Then read my thoughts about his letter if you’d like…

Yes… I am thankful to God that my son has that kind of passion at this point in his life.  I am prayerful that his sentiment expressed in the letter also is found in the other areas of his life (School… Work… Relationships).  But my greatest desire is that he will have the kind of passion expressed in that letter to God… at the end of his life.

2 Cor 8:11 So now finish doing it as well, so that your readiness in desiring it may be matched by your completing it out of what you have.

Finish LineThere is a big difference between starting well and finishing well.  There are many who start the race strong… there aren’t near as many who finish strong.  My prayer is that Trey… and my other children (Amy and Britton)… will be at least as faithful when they are 70 or 80 as they are at 20.

My greatest desire is that my children will be found faithful AFTER they’ve experienced the hardships and trials of life.  My prayer is that they will not lose their faith while they’re in the fire but will rather be purified and strengthened by the fire.  My prayer is that when they come to the end of their life they will affirm that God is good… all the time… in the hard times as well as the difficult ones.

Whatever my children are or become is by the grace of God.  I pray that God will erase and overcome my failures… of which there are many.  I pray that God will draw them continually to His side and do whatever it takes to conform them to the image of Christ.  I pray that through all three of my children God will be glorified.

And oh… one more thing I pray… that their spouse will love God with all their heart, body, soul, and mind… that they will glorify Him in all things.

We never know what kind of job we’ve done raising our kids until we see what kind of kids they raise (Quote from Dave Simmons).