Dr. John MacArthur is a hero to many Bible believing Christians.  He is an excellent expositor of The Word and has written many books on a variet of topics.  He indeed “handles The Word rightly.”

TBN has a lot of prosperity “gospel” preacher and teachers (For example: “If you believe, God will bless you.”  “You can have Your Best Life Now.”  “God will heal all your sickness and bless you financially.”), which makes it kind of unusual for Dr. MacArthur to be on TBN.  Many say, the health, wealth, and prosperity gospel is not the Gospel of Jesus in the New Testament.  I agree.

Here are two ecellent videos worth watching.  They are one interview with the second completing the first.  The last few minutes are powerful.  My favorite quote from Dr. MacArthur is, “Hard Truth makes soft people.  Soft truth makes people hard.”