This is for ministers being pressured to resign AND those who want them to resign…

I am exhaustively tired of hearing people call for resignations when a leader makes a mistake or fails. It seems like people love being part of punishing those who fail. Mercy, grace, forgiveness, and restoration have largely been forgotten… especially in the church. Joe McKeever wrote an article worthy of reading titled, “Ten Compelling Reasons Not To Resign.”

As one who’s gone through a lot of tumult in churches, here are Dr. McKeever’s points to consider. Honestly, I wish I had access to this a few years ago. Go to the site to read his reasoning for each point:

Here are 10 reasons not to quit and walk away even when to remain there is killing you:

1. God sent you. Stay until He says otherwise or until you are fired.

2. The church needs you to see them through this crisis.

3. If you walk away, the bullies win, and they will try to control the next pastor.

4. You have a family to support.

5. If you walk away your ministry will be changed forever… and possibly diminished.

6. If you walk away and find yourself unemployed you may lose confidence in yourself and possibly the Lord.

7. God can use this testing time in your life, in your family, in the church, and even in the lives of trouble makers.

8. Think of how you will feel about this a million years from now.

9. The bullies need you to act courageously and faithfully whether they know it or not.

10. Your family needs to see you acting maturely, speaking firmly, and confidently dealing with this matter in quietness and strength.

Please listen my brothers! As one who’s been subject to calls for resignation, take seriously Mr. McKeever’s suggestions.