Gordons Calvary.jpg  In Jerusalem there is a place called Gordon’s Calvery.  It is outside the Old City of Jerusalem and includes a tomb dating back hundreds of years… possibly to the time of Christ.  I believe it is a decent depiction of what the tomb of Jesus may have looked like in 30 AD.  Personally, I do believe that The Church of the Holy Seplechure is most probably the actual place of Jesus’ burial.

  Garden Tomb.jpgBut regardless of where the actual location is… Jesus’ body is not there.  He is risen!  The tomb of Jesus… wherever it was… is empty!  Not because his body was stolen, but because he rose from the dead!

  Jesus appeared first to women… then the Apostles… then to more than 500 believers at one time.  The Scriptures record that Jesus gave “many convincing proofs” that he was alive.

  That was almost 2,000 years ago.  Ever since then… every year… Christians celebrate Jesus’ resurrection.  And they celebrate it, not just on Resurrection Sunday, but EVERY Sunday.  And not just every Sunday… but EVERY DAY!

  But as wonderful as that it, Jesus’ resurrection is not the only thing Christians celebrate!  There is more cause and reason to celebrate than just that He was resurrected.  The greater celebration is yet to come… because one day Jesus will come back to earth the same way he left.  Click here to read about it!

  Yes… Jesus IS alive!  And for that Christians celebrate.  But the greater celebration is that Jesus is coming back!  And when He returns it will be in power, glory, and majesty!  The next time Jesus is on earth He will be Ruler, King, and the Sovereign Lord who will crush all His enemies AND bring rewards for all those who long for His appearing!

  Glory to God in the Highest!