saccoBy now the flack from a tweet by Justine Sacco is well known by those familiar with social media. This is yet another example of how careful everyone should be. But let’s think a little deeper about it. Let’s put ourselves under the microscope in hopes of being merciful rather than judgmental. Jesus said as recorded in Matthew 12:34-37 (Emphasis mine)…

You brood of vipers! How can you speak good, when you are evil? For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks. The good person out of his good treasure brings forth good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure brings forth evil. I tell you, on the day of judgment people will give account for every careless word they speak, for by your words you will be justified, and by your words you will be condemned.”

According to Scripture, Ms. Sacco just tweeted what was in her heart.

But let’s think a little as one has suggested… “What would happen if an MP3 recorder was hung around our neck for one month and then we were judged just based on what WE said?” Let’s expand that to a lifetime. No, let’s expand it to not only what we said over a life time, but also what we THOUGHT? After all, “As a man thinks in his heart, so is he,” and “If a man has lusted in his heart, he hast committed adultery.” Yes, we are held accountable for the thoughts of our heart! Ouch.

Yes, Ms. Sacco made a mistake. She tweeted what she shouldn’t have… and it bit her… hard. Does it make any of us better than her that we haven’t tweeted our thoughts? No. We all are just as guilty before God as she. We all have thought harsh and condemning things about others. And one day everyone’s thoughts will be revealed. Not only thoughts, but words. Not only words, but all our actions… done in secret AND for others to see.

When put in context, with us in the mix, maybe we should be a little more compassionate… gracious… merciful… patient… and loving toward others. Who knows, one day YOU may actually make a mistake and need some compassion, grace, mercy, and patience from others. “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”