For several reasons, I believe it is important for Christians to have a solid, right belief and understanding of Satan.  Otherwise he either gets too much credit, or is not properly respected.  Some of these should be foundational and basic… others you may be hearing for the first time.  Contemplate them all (Click the links for Scripture)…

Satan is a created being, and as such is under the power and authority of His Creator (God).  Satan is NOT omniscient (All knowing), omnipresent (Everywhere at one time), nor omnipotent (All powerful).  These are some of the things we do know about him…

Satan was created as the most beautiful of all God’s angels.  He was placed in Eden with every precious stone as his covering.  He guarded the Throne of God.  He was sinless, until unrighteousness was found in him.  The sin for which he was cast out of heaven was willing to become God.

In Scripture Satan is known as: The Adversary, The Dragon, The Accuser, A Liar and The Father of Lies, The Tempter, The Evil One, A Roaring Lion, The Murderer, The Ruler of This World, The Prince of the Power of the Air, An Angel of Light, and The Prince of Demons… among other names.

Satan temporarily has access into heaven to accuse believers.  Satan can ONLY do what God allows, nothing more (Click, Click).  Satan is USED by God to bring about believer’s sanctification (This one really ticks him off when he hears it!).  He is also used by God to punish rebellious believers (So that they’re saved on the last day).  He disguises himself as an angel from God.  He can hinder, but not prevent, believers carrying out God’s will.  Satan can delay, but not stop, prayers being answered.

Satan will one day be the lowest of the low in hell… he does NOT punish people in hell.  But for the present time he is to be respected for his power.  Satan will spend eternity in the Lake of Fire… prepared for him and his angels.  God will one day crush him under believer’s feet.  When believers draw near to God and resist Satan he flees.

Conclusion: Yes… Satan is powerful, but he is not to be feared.  Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world!