Watch this classic… then allow me a suggestion about The Revelation…

Jazz is a unique style of music.  At times there doesn’t seem to be a discernible melody, but rather each musician free-styling whatever they’re moved to play.  But the more you listen to jazz, the more you realize that each musician is supporting the melody and it is discernible.  It is this very element of Jazz that reveals the genius of the musicians and composers dedicated to this genre of music.

When The Revelation of Jesus Christ is read, it seems difficult to zero in on a discernible theme.  There are creatures, visions, and judgments taking place that seem unrelated to such a degree that the book can become confusing.

But I suggest that Revelation is much like Jazz music (If you’ll allow me the analogy).  There is a discernible theme… Jesus Christ is God who conquers all His adversaries.  He is Lord over all who is moving history to the conclusion He has determined.  Satan, death, and sin have been overcome finally and forever.  This is the theme of Revelation and is found in the center of the book in Chapter 12.

Everything else moves around this theme in one way or another.  The Seven Churches… the Judgments… the battle that has been fought and won (Chapter 12)… and the final consummation of chapters 20 and 21 all take place because of what is recorded in chapter 12.  All the other events support the melody line of the lamb that was slain who is now exalted.

As Jazz music is beautiful to those who appreciate its complexity, so The Revelation is encouraging to those who appreciate the central message of the book.