On Sunday Jesus came into Jerusalem hailed as The Messiah (John 12:12-15).  On Thursday he was betrayed and arrested (John 18:1-11).  On Friday he was crucified… died… and placed in a tomb (John 19:16-41).  Then came Saturday…

  Have you ever noticed that none of the Gospels record anything about the Saturday after Jesus’ crucifixion?  Have you noticed they all jump from his death to the First day of the week… Sunday?  Just like the time between Jesus 12th year in the Temple until He began His public ministry, nothing is recorded in any of the Gospels about Saturday!

  Saturday was a day of silence.  Nothing was happening.  The soldiers were still standing guard… probably bored to tears.  The Apostles were scattered… confused… and fearful.  Mary was grieving over her son.  And Jesus’ body was still in the tomb.

  If prayers were prayed… there was nothing but silence from heaven for a response.  Disciples may have asked each other questions… but no one had answers.  Everything Jesus had said, taught, and lived was in question.  No one had a word of wisdom or encouragement… the disciples and Apostles probably all looked at each other… mostly in silence.

  Saturday was a day of the most profound silence in the history of mankind.  God had spoken in the past, sometime audibly… but now there was silence.  But silence doesn’t mean absence.  Silence doesn’t mean abandonment.  Silence doesn’t prove non-existence.  Silence is sometimes needed.  Silence is sometimes best.  Saturday was a day of complete… utter… and deafening silence.  Silence from heaven.  Silence from God.  Silence in soul, spirit, mind, and body for the followers of Jesus.

  Silence was the right thing for the Saturday after Jesus’ death.

  But Sunday was coming…