A personal testimony is a powerful thing. It is such that people have a difficult time disproving. Recently in Ukraine there was a testimony that blessed me.

During our time in the Roma Camp (AKA Gypsy Camp) we encountered a believer who was struggling with indwelling sin. His problem was falling back into his old ways of drinking. He felt so depressed about falling back into sin he showed us where he had taken a knife and cut himself from collar bone to stomach. He communicated he was powerfully convicted about this and asked for us to pray for him (He wanted those who came from America to pray over him for God’s help).

We surrounded him, laid our hands on him, and asked God to deliver our brother from this addiction and heal his marriage (His wife was close to kicking him out of the house… again). All three of us prayed through a translator. After we finished he immediately stood up and with a look of complete joy hugged us all. Then we departed company a little later.

As we were walking back to the motel one of the translators asked us if we understood what just happened? Of course we didn’t because we don’t speak Ukranian. He told us the following…

He said while you were praying he felt a tingling that began in his feet and migrated up his body until he sensed (Saw?) a mist coming out of his mouth. He then said he felt a peace and joy that was greater to him than when he was saved. (Note: My son and daughter in law told me recently of a speaker that testified to witnessing the same type thing happened in many foreign mission fields as a result of prayer for those struggling with indwelling sin. Interesting.)

Please understand that the ministers there are conservative and not given to wild testimonies. They are wise and very discerning in every way. And they cautiously affirmed that this was not a regular occurrence and the man was not given to over expressiveness.

Did what the man described happen? I’m one prone to skepticism needing “proof.” The real test for this brother will come over time. I see no reason at this point to doubt him… but the test is “Conduct over time.” So why not affirm him? Why not encourage him? Why not continue to pray and support him? Oh that more in our nation would ask for prayer without being ashamed of their struggles!