Recently I went to Ukraine to minister to pastors and ministers in the area. As with most all the trips I’ve done, God directed our steps in ways we didn’t anticipate.

There was one man we met who was full of grace and love for everyone. You could see on his face the joy of the Lord. A translator then told me his story. This man lived in one of the Roma villages (Romas are local Gypseys). He was totally illiterate being able to neither read or write. He was a vile man full of anger toward anyone who came near him. He was a severe drunk who constantly displayed hostile behavior to anyone who came near. The translator described him as their local Gadarine Demoniac.

Then when they were doing a Backyard Bible Club this man harassed them constantly… yelling, screaming, and cursing for several days. Then one morning he came… knelt down behind the children… lifted his eyes and hands to heaven pleading for salvation. Of course those leading the event were cautious… but then he calmed down. He talked cogently. He wept, hugged the leaders while praising God for his salvation. Then “IT” happened. Remember, this man was totally¬†illiterate. After his conversion he was immediately able to read Scripture. Did you get that? A PREVIOUSLY ILLITERATE MAN COULD READ THE BIBLE! This was told to me by the translator who is a godly man of impeccable character, so I believe his testimony.

From that day this man’s life radically changed. He became an evangelist. He led many to Christ and a revival is now taking place in the Roma community.

Does God perform signs and wonders today? Yes! But why not in our churches? Could it be we don’t have faith… or are not open… or we think our methods are enough? This much I know, once he was lost now many are saved. And The Gospel was affirmed by a sign to the Roma People of Ukraine. Praise God!