Does God send us signs?  Is He actively involved in our lives?  Consider…

A couple of months ago I was struggling with an issue that at the time consumed my thoughts.  Not only that, it was working me up emotionally.  As I thought about it, I could feel anger welling up inside me.  I had prayed about the matter for a while (just a couple of months actually) and thought God had resolved it the way I wanted.  But things reverted right back to the way they were before I was praying… AND I DIDN’T LIKE IT!

I was just about to cross O’Neil Bridge and I voiced to God these words… “God… What do I do now?!”

car-tag-prayingIt was at that precise moment a car passed me on my left… and the picture to the right was the personalized tag on the car.  “KPPRAYN.”  KEEP PRAYING!

(Me to God) “Uh… okay God I get the point.  You’re not through yet and thus I’m to continue praying.  Forgive me for my lack of faith and trust in Your timing.”

It just so happend that I had just finished writing a message about signs from God from John.  But after seeing this tag I went back and added what happened as part of the introduction. I tried to find the person who drove the car with that tag… but couldn’t.

Now for the rest of the story.  I was at AT&T today after dropping my phone and having to get a new one.  As I was backing out of the parking lot, I looked to my rear… and saw “KPPRAYN!”  I got out… saw a lady on her cell phone… asked if that was her car… AND IT WAS!  The lady’s name was Maria.

I told her my story.  Then she told me a couple of weeks back someone told her that their pastor mentioned her car tag in a message.  Then she told me about significant problems she was having in her life at the moment.  Suffice it to say what I was praying about when I saw her tag was a grain of sand compared to the mountainous problems she is having.

Then I got an opportunity to encourage her.  Some resources were made available to her that (God willing) will help her though her difficult situation.  I made, and gave to her, DVD copies of three messages that were written expressly with her car tag in mind.  And I promised to keep praying for her (As you read this, pray for Maria too please.).

POINT.  I still don’t know if God sends signs the way we understand them.  But I do know this: God IS involved in our lives.  There are more ways to encourage people than you can imagine… including car tags.  As God uses others to bless us, we are to be a blessing to others.

Maria… KPPRAYN.  I will KPPRAYN for you.  God IS in control of everything… so remember Ephesians 3:20!