PatienceRay Pritchard recently wrote about the steps and stops of life on his blog.  From his thoughts I’d like to offer a few ruminations.

In Psalm 37:23 it is written, “The steps of a man are established by the LORD…” Dr. Pritchard had a person suggest to him that not only are our steps ordered by the Lord, but our stops too. That is the thought that got me thinking… that the stops in our life are just as ordered by God as our steps.  He is as much in control of when we’re still as when we’re moving…

God put Moses in the backside of Midian for 40 years before he was called to go to Pharaoh.  Paul was in the desert for three years before he began his ministry.  Jesus himself was in the wilderness for 40 days before he began his public ministry.

It seems that God at times puts His servants in a holding pattern sometimes before He moves them into a time of serving.

The steps (And stops) of a man are established by the LORD (Ps 37:23).

Are you waiting?  Are you in a holding pattern in life?  Consider that God is in the process of working other things out SO THAT when the time is right… you will be placed into service.  Till that time comes, be faithful… patient… and wait.  When the time comes, God will use you for His glory.