Is it possible that in the midst of worship we cling to idols?

I would like to suggest taking some time away from TV and the meaningless endeavors to read a series of articles regarding worship.  They are interesting and worth considering as they address our attemtps and desires to encounter God. 

At the end of each, there is a link to the next article.  Click here to read the posts written by Bob Kauflin of Sovereign Grace ministries.  But be warned… they will be a challenge in our approach to worship!

Once you get through those, here are a few more “must read” articles related to worship for consideration.  These are linked here for you to consider and discuss with your Christian circle of friends.

  Defining worshipExpressing Love To God…  What Does A Worship Leader Do?… Physical Expression In Worship…  Should Worship Be Fun?…  Should Women Lead Worship?…  Motivating The Church To Worship…  Should Secular Songs Be Used In Worship?