When I went to the courthouse this morning, two ladies were on the opposite sidewalk with a display of Jehovah Witness publications. After taking care of my business, I offered them a copy of my book… “Dancing In The Dungeon: Suffering With Hopeful Joy For God’s Glory.” To this point in the last two years no one has turned down a free copy of my book… until today. Their response, “Thanks, I’ll pass…”

I found it odd they wouldn’t accept my offer, but wanted me to accept theirs. I know a lot about their doctrine and theology… but they knew nothing about mine or what was in the book. It troubled me that they are convinced of their perspective on God and refuse to consider anything else (Which they knew nothing about). I’m troubled for them. Unless they abandon their doctrine and trust Jesus for salvation, one day they will be eternally separated from God. AND… I’m confident they have the same view about me! But…

I’m willing to engage them. I’m willing to talk about Jesus. I’m willing to pray with them. I’m willing to discuss the only path for salvation. They aren’t (I’ve found this out after multiple attempts to engage Jehovah’s Witnesses in the past… which was born out in the brief interaction today).


At least they’re trying… all be it from a heretical perspective (Many genuine believer hardly ever engage unbelievers).

At least they believe their doctrine enough to leave the comfort of their huddle (Church building).

At least they were willing to place themselves in uncomfortable situations for what they believe (Many believers won’t).


What if believers tried more often to share the true Gospel of Jesus Christ?

What if believers were willing to engage doubters and unbelievers with the Gospel even though it made them uncomfortable?

What if pastors, congregations, and fellowships made a concerted effort to TELL others about Jesus?

What if pastors led their congregations to pray for the salvation of the lost passionately (In other words, quit studying on Wednesday night and return to what it should be about… PRAYER).

What if Sunday School classes and departments spent almost all their prayer time for salvation of the lost and left prayer for physical illness for the people’s personal prayer time?

What if God’s people P-R-A-Y-E-D with at least half the passion seen regarding political candidates and/or favorite football… baseball… or other athletic teams?

And what if prayer became so important to congregations that they were willing to pray for 100 years before God answered in a powerful way?

I wonder…