An “R” rated Bible would mean it is Real… Raw… and to some, Repulsive.  Consider the following story lines…

The Bible begins with two people standing naked in a garden each blaming the other for their sin (Adam and Eve).

One brother is so envious of the other he murders him (Cane and Able).

The world becomes so evil God kills everyone but one family to start over (The Great Flood).

A Bible hero lies about his wife being his sister to save his own skin (Abraham).

A man offers his daughters to be gang raped (Lot).

A Bible hero commits murder then flees to escape prosecution (Moses).

A Bible hero commits adultery, the woman gets pregnant, then he has her husband killed (David).

A prophet of God preaches naked for two years (Isaiah).

Prayers are offered asking God to send people to hell (Imprecatory Psalms: Click, click, click, click, click)

An earthly king of God’s people is a bigamist (Solomon).

An Apostle of Christ is a blatant racist (Peter, A.K.A. Cephas).

The Bible asserts that all people… without exception… are vile, evil, sinners from the moment of birth.  It asserts that no one who has ever lived is good and worth being saved (Click, click).

The Bible asserts that God has determined there is only ONE way to heaven for everyone, including those mentioned above, and that is faith in Jesus Christ alone.  All other religions… all other faiths… all other philosophies are wrong (Click, click, click).

The Bible is unique among religious writings because it is real, honest, and straight forward.  The Bible is an offense to those who are perishing, but to those who are being saved it is a sweet smelling aroma. Personally, I’m thankful that the Bible does not paint false pictures of anyone, but is brutally honest about everyone and everything.  Including the sinless perfection of Jesus Christ… God’s only Son… the only way of salvation.