TreyBelow is an excerpt from my son Trey’s blog last week titled, The Musings. Check it out if you have the time. The picture is Trey with his wife Hailey.

There have been countless times walking around on the campus of the Bible college I attend where I hear about all of the students living in the “Bible college bubble” or the “Seminary bubble.” What exactly is this so-called bubble, and how do we get out of it?

This particular bubble everyone refers to can seem overprotective, sheltered, maybe even dangerous.

What does the Bible say about us living outside of this community and immersing ourselves into a community of lost people?

Let me start by saying everyone has their own bubble. A bubble is the community in which we live where we are comfortable. We know the people in our bubble, we have structure in our bubble, we feel safest in our bubble. (Continue Reading)

God bless you son. Keep the faith. Your mom and I are proud of you!