I explained why I wouldn’t vote for Obama in a previous post.  My position has not changed. For me the scantity of life trumps economics… energy… world military might… everything.  Obama supports abortion, that means I will not and cannot vote for him in good Christian conscience.  This one issue is more important than all others put together!  Click here to read about Obama’s EXTREME views on abortion.  I honestly cannot see how any person for whom the sanctity of life is in any way important could find it possible to even consider voting for him much less actually casting their vote for this man!

   Aside: If you want to know what the probable future is for an Obama presidency, consider what people who are closest to him write about him… his organizational skills… and his treatement of others.  This is written by CBS campaign reporter Dean Reynolds.  CLICK HERE  

I found the video below on Denny Burk’s blog.  I have cut and pasted his remarks that introduce a video, which is well worth watching.  Dr. Burk’s comments now follow…

   Francis Schaeffer used to talk about being “cobelligerents” with those whom we might not otherwise be able to be “allies.” His point was that from time to time it will be necessary to stand against injustice with those that we cannot be allies with in matters of truth.

   For all their differences on matters of Christian theology, Evangelicals and Catholics are cobelligerents in their opposition to abortion. Moreover, not only do both groups oppose abortion, but many Evangelicals and Catholics would insist that defending the unborn is a transcendent moral value.

   I stand as a cobelligerent with Roman Catholics who would prioritize the abortion issue at the ballot box. That’s why I posted this video. I hope many people will see it and hearts and minds will be won to use their democratic privileges for the protection of the unborn.


Schaeffer’s remarks about cobelligerency appear here:

Francis Schaeffer, The Church at the End of the Twentieth Century, The complete Works of Francis A. Schaeffer, Vol. 4 (Wheaton, IL: Crossway, 1985), 30-31.