Robert Leighton Recently I read my friend Dr. John Thweatt’s blog that dealt with prayer.  He quoted Robert Leighton from a commentary on 1 Peter.  The prayer of Mr. Leighton is so powerful I had to post it here for your reflection.

We talk about praying “The Sinner’s Prayer” for people to be saved… but for the first time I believe I’ve found on that fits soundly with Scripture.  Read it slowly and reflect upon the humility expressed in it:

Lord, I am justly under the sentence of death.  If I fall under it, you are righteous, and I do know acknowledge this.  But if it seems good to you to save the vilest, most wretched of sinners, and to show great mercy in pardoning such a great debt, the higher will be the glory of that mercy.  However, I am resolved to wait until either you graciously receive me or absolutely reject me.  If you do the latter, I do not have a word to say against it; but because you are gracious, I hope that you will yet have mercy on me.

Now that is a prayer that submits totally and completely to the grace and mercy of God.  It is filled with God glorifying sentiments.  And it reminds me of a prayer that is found in the Scripture… “God be merciful to me… the sinner…