You got it easy with the last quiz.  This one is a little more difficult… you will have to think!

After you take the quiz, the correct answers are given with scripture references.

I must admit that several of these questions reminded me of accounting tests I took in college.  A problem would be given and the four answers would be something like… A) $201.65  B) $301.65 C) $401.65 D) $1,201.65.  Some of the possible answers in this quiz are close to one another which is what makes this one a little more challenging than the other.

As you take the quiz, the navigation is a little tricky.  There are two slide bars to the right.  Slide the far right bar down to answer questions… then slide the bar to it’s left down to continue the quiz.  Sorry for the confusion on the site…

   Click Here to take the quiz.