3rd GenSunday I read that Germany has legally given a “third gender” option for births. Click Here to read the article. Australia took the same action which applies to their passports earlier in the year. The old adage “We’re going to hell in a handbag” may finally be coming true and only God Himself can reverse the degradation taking place on this planet.

I don’t know where the morality bottom is for God to say, “Enough is enough!” but it must be getting close. “Professing to be wise (the world) is becoming more foolish” (Ro 1:22) by the day. My wife was right 25 years ago when she told me that the #1 issues our children will have to deal with is homosexuality.

Before I’m accused of homophobia, I’ll go a step further. Premarital sex, extra-marital sex, divorce, lying, drunkenness, murder, and other sins (1 Cor 6:9-10) are just as deplorable in God’s sight as LGBT issues. The answer is not normalization or acceptance, it is repentance. Only God can stop the direction the world is going on moral issues because it has to do with the human heart.

I’m afraid to let my mind consider what might next be “normalized” by those who believe themselves to be morally superior. Bigamy may soon be legalized as will multiple marriages and euthanasia. It is possible that age restrictions for marriage will be done away with resulting in adults marrying 14 year old boys AND girls. Never happen you say? Twenty years ago few would have believed gay marriage would ever be legalized.

God help us. Even so, come Lord Jesus!