The next three weekends are going to be busy!  We need to stay on our toes lest we get overwhelmed.  Click on the links for additional information and promo.  And specially keep each weekend in prayer for God to be glorified.

Aside: It is good for a lot to be going on at church… it means there is life and opportunities to encounter God.

Next Weekend (1/19-20/07): Big God Weekend.  Concert by Casting Pearls and testimony by Columbine survior Crystal Miller (Saturday night at 6:30 PM at WABC).  This is part of the 180 Tour

The Next Weekend (1/24/07): Huntley Brown Christian Pianist in concert on Sunday at 6:00 PM.  Soon I’ll post more information about Huntley along with a picture and links (God willing).

The NEXT Weekend (2/3-4/07): Prospective Worship Pastor coming in view of call to Woodward Avenue Baptist Church.  Watch for posts that will include information about him along with a picture of his family.

After these things, the next date to make a special note of is Sunday April 15, 2007 when Dr. Ray Pritchard will be speaking during the Sunday morning service.  Like above, I’ll be posting more information as the day approaches.  I think that this could be one of the highlights of our year… if God so chooses to bless.

It is fun to be your pastor!  I love you all and God bless you!