I watched a series of shows on the Arts and Entertainment (A&E) network this weekend and was greatly entertained… and heartbroken.  The title of the series is Meet The Natives.  Below is an introduction to the series from A & E.

They are traditional hunters and farmers, wearing grass skirts and sheaths. They have no electricity or TV, and a very limited idea of the world beyond their tiny island until now.

It’s time to MEET THE NATIVES: USA. Insightful, entertaining and unforgettable, the extraordinary journey of 5 men from the remote Pacific island of Tanna across the USA will force us to look at ourselves through brand-new eyes.

Why are we so obsessed with money and possessions? Why do we treat our pets better than some of our fellow citizens? What does “family” mean to us? What do we do with our elderly? How come we make all our important decisions in bars? And what’s the point of ironing a shirt?

The Tanna tribe dances their way into America’s hearts as they crisscross the country from high society Manhattan to the big sky of Montana. Whether it’s mud baths and roller coasters in Orange County, CA, sharing a Thanksgiving feast in America’s heartland, or touching snow for the first time, these tribesman spread their wisdom and kindness on their mission to meet the natives of the USA.

As I watched the show I was struck by the tribe’s mission from their chief elder.  They were to find “Tom Navy” who came to them many years ago and brought them peace.  It seems that “Tom Navy” came to the Island at the end of WWII and encouraged them to live peacefully.  He promised to come back one day… and they have been looking for “Tom Navy” to return ever since.

All they have are the memories of their ancestors that have been passed down… a few coins… and two dog tags (What American soldiers wear to identify themselves).  They adopted Tom Navy’s instruction of peace and want him to give them more instruction.

Through the show they ask different families about Tom Navy… but they’re never given a clear answer.  On at least two occasions (Once in Washington DC) they speak to Tom Navy in what I would describe as a prayer.

My sadness came in on a few levels: 1) Tom Navy seemed to have given an incomplete message.  Peace for the sake of peace does nothing for a person’s eternal state.  2) The inability, or hesitation, of the American families to speak on a level that pointed them to Christ {Or at least it was edited out if it did happen}.  3) Their genuine desire to seek out a man named Tom who was in the Navy during WWII, while entertaining, left them without hearing the truth of Jesus Christ.

The people on the island of Tana in the South Pacific are precious, peace loving, gracious, and very intelligent.  However, they have yet to be told about another person who promised to come back… Jesus Christ.  I couldn’t help but be reminded of another person… from another country… who traveled a long way to find his own “Tom Navy.”  His name is not known, but he is called The Ethiopian Eunuch.  I thank God that Philip found him and told him about Jesus.

We can only pray that someone did tell the men from Tana about Christ and that in time they will believe… OR… someone will tell them and they will believe.