This is a bank I frequented and drive by every week after last Sunday night’s tornado in Center Point, Alabama.  It was on April 27, 2011 that tornadoes ravaged another part of town not far from where I serve.  Many homes were also destroyed, but by God’s mercy only two lives are known to be lost.  And without being unduly negative, it will happen again… to someone else… somewhere else… at another time… possibly tomorrow… possibly to you or me.

Whether it is a tornado, earthquake, tsunami, flood, drought, or some other natural disaster… they always have, and always will happen.  Other tragedies include terrorist attacks, crime, and injustices are the way life is.  Nobody goes through life without dealing with hardship, tragedy, or difficulty.  The question is this: How Will You Handle And Process It?

Once again I submit a series of foundational beliefs I have along with their applications.  These are personal for me as a result of some trials I’ve gone through.  When life gets hard… these are my “Go to,” “Fall back,” “Auto-pilot” beliefs that I do not doubt no matter what!  These are the kind of things you need to settle nowBEFORE the unexpected event that shakes your world happens.

God IS Good!  (Psalms 73:1).  “Nothing bad ever has, or ever will, happen to me.  Evil… yes.  Bad… no.”  (How can I say something is “bad” when in Romans 8:28 it is written that God causes good?!  See below.)

God IS Love!  (1 John 4:8, 16).  “It is impossible for me or others to mess up my life past God using for His glory.”

God IS In Control!  (Romans 8:28; Daniel 4:35; Is 46:9-10).  “God only allows into my life what is ultimately good for me.”

God IS Just! {Righteous}  (Ezra 9:15).  “Satan can only do what God allows.”

All God’s Ways ARE Perfect!  (Deuteronomy 32:4).  “I can rejoice in every circumstance by keeping a heaven theology.”

God IS Trustworthy! (2 Sam 7:28; Ps 62:8; Pr 3:5-6; Jn 14:1).  “This gives me great hope & peace.”

God Does Not Change (Num 23:19; Ps 33:11; Mal 3:6; Is 59:1; Ja 1:17).  “My salvation & faith in God cannot be lost.”