Today at 7:00 PM is the 26th anniversary of my marriage to my wife Pam.  Honestly, God made her for me in personality… disposition… and faith.  I am thankful God allowed me the honor of being her husband since November 10, 1984.  Now let me tell you how we met because this story is kind of a God thing…

I transferred to Samford University from Southern Mississippi and didn’t know hardly anyone.  Slowly I began to meet a few people and eventually became a social affiliate of one of the fraternities on campus.  While meeting some of the brothers I noticed one surfer guy who was dating a really pretty girl, but it wasn’t much more than just a “Wow he’s lucky” kind of thing. 

Now I had a little thing I did to discern who I should and shouldn’t date.  By this time accepted the call to preach the Gospel and I had been praying with a friend of mine about who God would have me to marry.  The way I practically worked that out was after going out with a girl for a few dates I would casually say… “You do know God has called me to preach?” (Or something close to that).  Every single time I did that the young lady would be busy with “other plans” every time I saw them.  I took that as God’s providence.  Anyway…

The surfer guy and his girl friend had broken up.  I didn’t figure I had much to any of a shot so I never tried to get her to notice me.  Then one day God stepped into my life.  As is my habit… I was extremely early for lunch, and for the first time someone was there BEFORE me.  It was the surfer guy’s ex-girlfriend… Pam.  She spoke first and said, “I’ll have you know I’m first!”  We talked and somehow I paid for my lunch before she did… so I got a table hoping she’d sit down.  But since she worked int the health office, she had to go to work.  But she did tell me… “Why don’t you come down and see me?”  That’s all the opening I needed!

I’ll skip a lot of details to what sealed the deal.  After we went out a few times I figured it was time to drop the big bomb question figuring she’d run like all the other girls before her.  So here’s the conversation we had on one of our dates…

Me: “Hey Pam, have I told you that God has called me to preach?”

Pam’s Response: “That’s interesting… God has called me to be a minister’s wife.”

Me:  Shock… jaw drops… silence… surprise… speechless then a sheepish, “Huh?!”

From there we got engaged in December (Behind the pulpit of Clayridge Baptist Church)… we married on November 10, 1984… had three wonderful children (Amy, Trey, and Britton)… attended seminary in New Orleans… served five churches… and experienced many ups and downs.  God has blessed me tremendously to be married to the most wonderful, precious, sweet, lady I’ve ever known!

God… thank you for 26 years with the love of my life behind You.