When my kids were little, we had to have them immunized.  When they were infants they didn’t know to fear the needle… but as they got older they would begin crying at the first sight of it.  When the immunization was given they would look at my wife and I with a look of betrayal and pain on their face.  It was if they were saying…

Why did you bring me here to experience this pain?!  You have betrayed me!  I thought you loved me!  But instead you brought me to these people I don’t know who are inflicting this pain on me.  What’s with that?!

Of course they didn’t really say that… but in their toddler mind that had to be what they were thinking.  Even if my wife had explained to them, they couldn’t understand!  My wife who is an RN could have said to them while they were crying (At the age of 2 or 3)…

We’re doing this because Jonas Salk found out through research several decades ago that certain diseases could be prevented if an inert form of a virus was introduced into the human body.  In so doing the body’s natural defenses build up immunities so that if that live virus ever infects you, your own body will attack and destroy it.  We’re doing this so that in ten years or so you won’t get sick and possibly die.  So now you understand… right?

No.  My wife didn’t say that because a 2 or 3 year old can’t comprehend things on that level.  So we had to just have them endure the pain and trust we knew what we were doing.

The comprehension gap between the parent and toddler is NOTHING compared to the comprehension gap between us and God.  We are put through pain by Him and it doesn’t make sense to us.  We look at God and ask, “Why are you doing this God?  I though you loved me?”  But just as a toddler can’t understand the parent, neither can we come close to understanding God’s purposes or reasons for what He does or allows in our life.  So God tells us, “Trust in Me with all your heart and do not lean on your own understanding” (Proverbs 3:5).  Thus as Christians we must learn to trust God in all things.

Are you struggling?  Trust God.  It may hurt.  You may feel like your heart is being ripped out.  But the all loving God is doing what is ultimately good for you… TRUST HIM.