B Prom 2010The summer of 1979 altered the course of my life. Whereas before I wanted to be involved in computer science, afterward my life’s goal was to follow God’s call. The most important person on earth in that call I had not met yet. To meet this person, God had to move me from Hattiesburg, MS back to Birmingham, AL (Which He did in a providential manner).

At Samford University I told a young lady, “God has called me to ministry.” Her answer was, “That’s interesting because God has called me to be a minister’s wife.” The young lady was Pam Britton and she would become my wife. twenty-nine years later we are still married and I count her God’s greatest blessing (After my salvation).

By all accounts of anyone who knows her, Pam is a sweet, kind, loving, gracious, and encouraging person. As for me, Pam has taught me more than anyone else on earth what unconditional love looks like. She is my model of being positive in all circumstances. She has shown me what trust does in difficult situations. I consider her God’s blessing and the helper I would (And will) need throughout my time on earth. I have never met a more precious lady than her. Her faults are she is too trusting of others, too consumed with others being happy, and gives much more than she asks or expects of others.

With today being Valentine’s Day, I wanted to introduce you to the person who means more to me than anyone else on earth… my wife Pam. She is the person God has given me as a helper and encourager. God Himself put us together by His grace, mercy, and providence. Were it not for her, my life would be much less rich in happiness, joy, and blessings. And so yes… I do thank God for her being in my life.

Happy Valentine’s Day Pam! I love you and thank God for your presence in my life.