my-cluster-map-1If you haven’t scrolled down far enough on this blog, you may not have seen two things that are pretty neat. They are called “widgets.”  One shows a map of the world, the other flags of countries.  Both track, to a minimal degree, people who visit my blog.  Both are found on the right sidebar several “rolls of the mouse wheel” from the latest post.  Both are free and can be added to any blog or home page by following the directions on their website.

The first one is called “Cluster Maps” (Above is my cluster map on 11/17/2008).  Using dots, it shows the number of “hits” to my blog.  The larger the dot, the more people from that area have visited.

The second one is called “Flag Counter.”  This one also tracks hits, but does it by date, number of hits, and the flag of the country.  You can click on the flag of a country and read a description and see a map of it’s geographic location.

Past all the “coolness” of these widgets, what amazes me is that through the internet people find their way to this blog.  I don’t know if they read much or how long they stay.  Plus I’m sure that there are repeat visitors that increase the size of the dots and number of hits.  But still… it amazes me that somebody, somewhere, a person I’ve never met has at least had the opportunity to read something about Jesus… whether they did or not!  Indeed the world is getting “flatter!”

My Point?  Use technology to glorify God.  Whether it is the internet… a cell phone… a land-line… car… video… or whatever, use it to glorify God.  My opinion is that God gave Christians these things to use for His glory… and let’s everyone else have access to them.  Narrow minded?  Maybe… but Jesus said, “Narrow is the way to heaven…”