binocularsMeditating on memorable quotes is a good way to stimulate creativity.  Try these on for size…

The size of the vision God will give me is directly related to the amount of pain and discomfort I’m willing to endure.

The reason we experience pain is to understand His provision.

Dryness will always lead to desperation.  Desperation drive you to God.

You feel stuck because you’re not ready for the next level.

Leadership is as easy as listening to God.

Moses didn’t have a 40-year strategic plan.  God led him one step at a time.

If we got more concerned with repentance rather than attendance, revival would sweep our nation.

If you haven’t had a sleepless night about vision, you haven’t heard from God.

Don’t you dare give up on the God that’s never given up on you.

Memorable is portable.

Make sure people get offended by Jesus, not everything else you do.

Where in your world do you celebrate what God has told you to do?

What are your leaders praying for? That tells you what’s on their heart.

The leader shouldn’t make all the decisions. The leader should just make sure the decisions are good ones.

You are probably not the smartest person in the organization. You’re just the leader.