Often when a person who is living in rebellion or a sinful lifestyle has a close call with death (wreck, loss of job, physical illness, or some other unexpected tragic event)… people say things like, “God may be trying to get their attention,” or “That could be a wake up call.”

But what about when something happens to a person who is NOT living in rebellion?  What about when a person IS seek God, following Him, trying to honor Him with their life and they have an unexpected tragic event?  Consider Steve Saint (Nate Saint’s son).

While listening to Steve Saint’s testimony about his dad’s murder and how he understood it (Click here and scroll down to “Suffering, Sovereignty, and the Work of Missions”), he described how his daughter came home from a year on the mission field.  His life was full and joyful.  He and his wife were on a 30 year honeymoon… his three boys were following God… his daughter was home… everything was “perfect.”

His daughter went to her room with a headache so Steve’s wife suggested they go to her room to pray with/for her.  While Steve was praying beside his daughter… with his wife… his little girl had a massive brain annurism and died.  Read that again.  Put yourself in that situation.  How do you understand THAT?  Well… if you listen to Steve Saint’s testimony, he’ll tell you how HE understood it.

What about us?  What about when we ARE trying to follow God.  We HAVE dedicated our life to Him.  We ARE tithing… going to church… teaching Sunday School… singing in the choir… reading our Bible… AND praying… and something tragic STILL happens to us?  Is that trying to get our attention?

There are several thoughts.  First… read the book of Job (You can do it, it doesn’t take that long).  Then what about Jesus… who never sinned, lived the PERFECT life, and was murdered anyway.  Consider the man blind from birth… he wasn’t born that way because he or his parents sinned.

My answer: God’s ways, plans, and designs aren’t ours.  If God were to tell us why He does things, we couldn’t understand.  We are to believe and trust Him as the all wise, good, and loving God… REGARDLESS of what happens to us.  Not a deep thought… not very profound either.  Just the conclusion I’ve come to.