Last week I was talking with two of my pastor friends and they asked me if I had seen a short video called “Don’t Waste Your Pulpit.” I hadn’t. Now I have, and I’d like you to see it too.

This video from John Piper describes exactly what I believe when it comes to preaching and teaching God’s Word. It is the reason why I can’t stand listening to people who say you can have your best life now and similar type things and call it preaching. There is just one book and just one name with the power to heal and the strength to save. The book is The Bible and the person is Jesus Christ. The only thing any preacher of teacher of God’s Word has to say is what He placed in His Bible.

The only thing that is to be delivered from the pulpit (Or in Sunday School classes for that matter) is the pure clear Word of God. Neither cute stories, funny jokes, nor tear jerking illustrations have any place in Christian proclamation. And no Christian should never settle for anything less than God’s truth when determining where they worship. The most important thing about choosing where to worship is what comes from the pulpit! That matters before and above everything else.

Let everyone else talk about whatever they want… Christians are to come to God’s House looking for Truth from the eternal timeless Holy Spirit inspired Scripture. God give me the strength that when I stand behind His holy desk to never waste the time I am given to proclaim The Gospel.