I was listening to a message by N.T. Wright when he said, “You become what you worship.”  I turned the MP3 player off and mulled that thought over in my mind for a while.  I came to the conclusion that it is really a chicken/egg proposition.  It was then that I spent some time in reflection.  Aside: Each of these are very hard to identify BY OURSELVES.  We need help seeing them as idols.

If I worship health… then my money, decisions, and time toward health dominate my life.  People describe me as a “health nut.”  I see myself as “health conscious.”

If I worship my reputation… then I will protect my reputation at all costs.  People describe me as a “prima donna.”  I see myself as “highly moral,” and quite proud of it.

If I worship success… then the bottom line for me in my all I do will be driven to being successful (Which also speaks to reputation).  People describe me as a “typa-A personality“.  I see myself as “driven,” and am proud of it!

If I worship power… then I will only care about people and social constructs in terms of how I can control them.  People describe me as ruthless.  I see myself in being a leader… and am proud of it.

If I worship family… then they are the only thing that matters to me… to a fault.  People describe me as “overly protective.”  I see myself as “caring deeply about my family’s lives,” and tell everyone how good they all are.

If I worship intellect… then the only people I give respect and honor to are those more intelligent than me.  People describe me as pompus.  I see myself (secretly) as an intellectual…. and am proud of it.

If I worship status… then I disdain those who don’t measure up to “the kind of person I am.”  People describe me as arrogant.  I see myself as “a good person,” and am proud of it.

If I worship God… then what matters above all things is: Obedience to Him… Honoring Him… Glorifying Him… Faithfulness to Him.  People describe those kind of individuals as godly or holy.  They see themselves as sinners under the grace of God.

If/when anything becomes more important to me than God, it is an idol.  If/when I worship anything other than God, I am in the flesh and cannot please God.  If/when I worship anything other than God… then I become that thing.  When I worship God… I become more like Him and His Son Jesus Christ.