AM clockMy sleep patterns are changing, probably somewhat due to getting older. I used to could go to bed at 8:00 PM and not wake up until 11:00 AM the next day. Those days are gone! Now I wake up to some level or degree several times every night… sometimes of necessity (If you’re over 50 you’ll get that), sometimes just to roll over and go back to sleep.

Now I’ve decided for a time to follow a recommendation from Dr. T.W. Hunt. He mentioned in a message in Oxford, Alabama that whatever time he awoke in the morning he took as God’s leading for him to pray and spend time in The Word. He said whether it was 2:00 AM, 4:00 AM, or 6:00 AM… he would get up and go to his special place to read Scripture and pray.

Billy Graham has said if he had it to do over again he would… and I quote…

Speak less and study more… I would also spend more time in spiritual nurture, seeking to grow closer to God so I could become more like Christ. I would spend more time in prayer, not just for myself but for others. I would spend more time studying the Bible and meditating on its truth, not only for sermon preparation but to apply its message to my life. (Click here)

Well… if T.W. Hunt (Who wrote “Prayer Life“) is consciously devoted to prayer and Billy Graham would pray more… then maybe, JUST MAYBE, I should take them at their word and use the time and opportunities God gives me to apply as they suggest. Even if it is at 3:34 in the morning as it was today.

Granted, at this time in my life I have been given a unique opportunity to practice the suggestions from Dr. Hunt and Dr. Graham. So for now, at least for a little while… as long as God leads, I’m going to take these spiritual giants suggestions to heart and follow them. After all, they are just following Jesus’ example who used to rise early in the morning for prayer.

What about you?