In preparing for Sunday’s message I reflected upon what heaven will be like… for us… in our resurrected heavenly bodies.  We will be perfect in every way.  All our senses will be fine tuned to where they are supposed to be, but are not because of sin.  And I think I may know part of the reason why.

We’ll have perfect eyesight to see Jesus clearly.  We’ll have perfect hearing to hear precisely everything Jesus says.  We’ll have a sharp mind to comprehend fully the worth of Christ.  Our sense of smell will be perfect, to savor the incense around God’s throne.  Our sense of taste will be unimaginably acute… so we can delight in every mouthful at the Lamb’s Wedding Feast.

Our voices will be strong… to sing praises to God.  Our relationships will be healed… to worship God in perfect harmony with all the saints.  We’ll never get tired or have to sleep… to spend every moment of eternity enjoying God IN HIS PRESENCE!

Indeed… the thing that makes heaven heaven is being in God’s presence.  The reason God changes us in a moment… the twinkling of an eye… is so we can enjoy Him fully… FOREVER.  I don’t know about you, but I’m looking forward to that!