You have probably noticed that the last several posts included songs of worship and praise.  There’s a reason I’ve done that.  The reason is that we cannot overestimate the power and comfort God gives us when we worship.  As the title of this post suggests… Worship of our Holy God IS a panacea for discouragement.

I have a CD of my favorite worship songs.  They span from crying out to God for help… to affirming His presence… to full blown celebration.  Over the years I have gone back to that CD for encouragement, hope, affirmation, and to remind me of Who God Is (Ephesians 3:20-21).  Listening to that CD I have worshipped while driving down the interstate… cried in awe and wonder of God… smiled and laughed as I looked forward to what will be my eventual eternal state.  I find that as I worship I commune with God Almighty Himself!  This world becomes less and less important.  The things of this life cease to dominate my soul and spirit.  And the reality of God, His love, and His presence in my life beats down the chains of a broken world.  AS I WORSHIP…

Pastoral Suggestion.  Find 10 to 12 of your favorite worship songs.  Put them all on one CD.  Keep the CD in your car and as you drive worship God (You’ll probably find your stress level will lessen as you do this.).  When you need to be encouraged… put the CD in and worship God.  When things are going well… put the CD in and thank God through worship.  When life is average… put the CD in and Worship God.

Comment: Our ability to worship on Sunday is in many ways a reflection of our previous week’s personal worship of God.