The previous two posts have been about the high percentage of youth who leave the faith after high school and possible reasons why this is happening.  In today’s post I hope to suggest some things to address these situations.  These are in no particular order…

What Can Be Done To Change/Prevent Young People Leaving The Faith:

Recognize and admit the situation as it is.  As with anything else, this is the first and most important step if anything positive is to be accomplished.

Recognize and admit our contribution to the current situation as it applies to our own children and/or church.

If necessary, ask your own children to forgive you for not being the kind of Christian witness you should have been while they lived at home. Note: Your actions must support what you say.

If you have children who are still at home, make sure what they see you do and hear you say are consistent with a Christ follower.  The best thing you can do for your children is to be a faithful Christ follower (Mt 6:33).

Pray diligently for the young people you know who are not faithfully following Christ.  This includes your own children of course!

Pray diligently for the young people in the church you now attend… that their faith is genuine and strong.

Pray diligently for those who serve in the nursery through 12th Grade youth.  This includes the ministers on staff.

Pray diligently for the salvation and awakening of the young people at the church you attend.

Have a curriculum in the church to teach solid doctrine, not just the stories with cartoon pictures.  Teach them to handle rightly the Word of Truth.  This begins when they’re young and continues through to graduation.

Find ways to be a positive influence to building the faith of the young people at the church you attend.

If all we do is bemoan the condition of our young people, then we have admitted defeat.  Therefore it is imperative that we get involved in positive ways to disciple our young people to follow Christ.