If you’re wondering what those numbers mean, they are the highways I traveled recently as I went from Muscle Shoals to Columbus, GA and back again to see my 92 year old Grandmother in the Hospital.  The trip takes 4 3/4 hours… one way… to complete.  And I treasure the solitude those 4 3/4 hours gave me.  Let me explain…

  I had time… alone… by myself… to reflect, meditate, and ruminate.  Just me and God for 4 3/4 hours… TWICE between Wednesday and today (Friday).  During that time I got to listen to 8 (!) messages from one of my favorite preachers (Dr. Tim Keller).  I also had plenty of time to worship by listening to several CDs with songs that led me to the foot of the cross and reminded me to look up for the return of The LORD.  Then I had time just to be quiet and hear from God (No voices… just gentle whispers).

  As a result when I got back to the office Friday (About an hour ago), I had notes to transcribe that I had written while driving and getting flashes of ideas to follow up on.  I take them to be proddings from my Savior.  And now for the lesson…

  YOU need time ALONE with Jesus (Just like me)!  You ARE too busy… running around like a head with your chicken cut off (I wrote it that way on purpose).  You wake up going full speed, rarely slow down during the day, and then collapse every evening.  As a result you miss the burning bushes God places along your path.  As a result of that, you don’t hear God whispering in your ear.  As a result of missing time with God, you wonder why you don’t experience God in a greater way… why there are so many emotional struggles you can’t get your arms around… and why it seems God is so distant when you need Him in times of crisis.

Don’t rationalize it by saying you give God “quality” time, because you can’t have quality time without QUANTITY time with Him (Slow down and read that sentence again… twice).  The ONLY way you can get to know God better is by spending more than a minute here and there with Him.  Trust me… on this I know what I’m talking about!

Is it hard to find the time?  Of course it is.  Is it worth finding the time?  Do I really have to answer that one?  And don’t say “I don’t have the time…” because you DO!  It all depends on what you decide to do with the time you have.  “Everyone does what they want to do, then they find a reason or excuse for doing it.”

It is written in Mark 6:31,Because so many people were coming and going that they did not even have a chance to eat, He (Jesus) said to them, ‘Come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest.”

Is that Jesus I hear calling…?