27 young people who are members of Woodward Avenue Baptist Church who will be receiving their diplomas in just a few days.  Below is  picture of the graduting class of Muscle Shoals High School. 


  Families will gather at 7:30 PM at Muscle Shoals’ Dennis Homan Field for approximately 164 high school seniors to receive their diplomas.  My son Trey is one of those who is graduating.  I’m sure there will be a lot of tears of joy and sadness shed tonight… but there will be celebrations also.  After all, this is supposed to happen.  They are to move out of the nest and spread their wings.  They are to begin living life on their own.  This is natural and expected!  Aside: I keep reminding myself of all those things because I still see Trey as the little boy I watched play T-ball 12 years ago. 

  May God be glorified in their lives for the buidling up of His kingdom.  Congratualtions to them all!