Lukes CrossRecently I received a request from a man 80+ years old by email to a recent post… (The picture is next to the road on his farm).

Seriously, I would like you to teach me how to walk with God every moment of the day ( I’m talking every moment—what does that mean?) and avoid the distractions of work, play and other activities I encounter every day of my life. As hard as I try, I get distracted from time to time and my mind and thoughts go to eating, dressing, house maintenance items, making phone calls, and other human activities.  I would love to be like Enoch.

After reflection, this is what I sent him. Maybe you can find some encouragement in our interaction (I left the emphases as written in the email)…

I’ve been thinking about your question, and here are a few thoughts… (Click and read references)

1. Jesus said, “Those who hunger and thirst for righteousness will be filled,”

2. Jesus said, “Everyone who seeks, finds. To all who knock the door will be opened,”

3. Jesus said, “Come to me and I will give you rest.”

Therefore I’m confident your desire to walk closer with God is also God’s will for you…

Therefore I’m confident God is at work in you to will and accomplish His good pleasure (Phil 2:13, 1:6)…

Therefore I’m confident the Adversary (Satan) will work to distract you…

However I’m SURE that “Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world.”

The fact that you WANT to walk closer with God is an infallible indicator of your salvation AND that God is working in you!

4. Be patient with yourself! Your goal is to walk closer with God today than you did yesterday… each day of your life… until he calls you home. This is a journey, not a day trip. A journey takes a lifetime.

5. Don’t ever get discouraged… EVER! Your expressed desire to walk closer with God IS HIS DESIRE ALSO and He WILL accomplish it without any possibility of failure! Thus Romans 8:29, “We are predestined TO BE CONFORMED TO THE IMAGE OF HIS SON.”

Now… In my experience, here is what I suggest:

1. Begin by praying often, regularly, and daily for God to reveal Himself to you. Express to God the desire of your heart is to walk closer with Him. Unless you pray… don’t expect much to happen.

2. Read the Scripture SLOWLY (!!), every day… taking time to ask God to reveal Himself to you. Be patient to sit and reflect as you read. Wait for God’s Spirit to reveal His truth to you keeping in mind that God mainly whispers rather than yelling. To hear from God, you must read and reflect on His Word… OFTEN.

3. Work to have a God Awareness all the time. Everything you do is to have God in mind (1 Cor 10:31). All the stuff you do during the day does not have to be a distraction FROM God… make it about HONORING GOD. Do business FOR GOD’S GLORY. Get dressed FOR GOD’S GLORY. Eat FOR GOD’S GLORY. Visit people FOR GOD’S GLORY. In other words, in everything you do… do it so that God smiles.

4. Find ways to bless others and encourage them without expecting or wanting anything in return. In this way you lay up treasures for eternity. It is better to bless others now AND ENJOY REWARDS FOR ETERNITY, than enjoy things/stuff now AND NOT BE AS ABUNDANTLY REWARDED IN ETERNITY.

5. Step up your prayer life in the following ways: A) Pray asking God to use you for His glory, B) Pray asking God to make you more like Jesus {Unless HE does it, it won’t happen}, C) Pray asking God to give you opportunities to bless others… THEN LOOK FOR THEM BECAUSE HE WILL DO IT.

6. Worship God throughout the day! When you see the morning sun… Praise God who made it! When you smell the crisp air… Praise God who made it! When you hear the birds… Praise God who gave them their song! Thank God for everything you can think of throughout the day… multiple times.

7. Last: Love God! Love others! Be forgiving (There may be people you need to go to). Be merciful. Be gracious. Be patient. Become these things by asking GOD to grow you in them.

Again… this is a journey. A lifestyle. Something that eventually becomes second nature. Something you will at a point in time do without thinking about it.

Know I am praying for you because your request/question is THE BEST REQUEST/QUESTION ANY PASTOR CAN EVER BE ASKED!!