Quench Spirit“Do not quench the Spirit…” (1 Thessalonians 5:19)

It is amazing how insensitive some can be at church… to their pastor and others… when The Word is about to be proclaimed and enter into worship!  At one church I served the Chairman of Deacons came to me five minutes before it was time for the morning service to begin and said…

“I have a list of complaints and concerns some people in the church have that I think you need to be aware of…”

My reply: “In just a few minutes I am going to be leading God’s people in worship by proclaiming His Word.  If you don’t mind, could we discuss this on Monday?  Those comments are the last thing that I need to be thinking of right now…”

To his credit… he said, “I apologize…” Then wadded up the piece of paper in my presence and walked away.  But the damage was done.

Another time, again just before worship, I saw an older lady walking to me like she was on a mission.  Her eyes were glaring and lips pressed tight.  She pointed her finger at my face and said…

“I’ve got something we need to talk about right now!”

(Remembering the event with the Deacon earlier I said) “M’am… If it is something good, positive, and/or encouraging I’d love to hear it.  But if it’s not, I’ll be glad to talk to you tomorrow because worship is about to begin and that is more important.”

She walked away and out the front door in a huff.  And I was glad she did.

I’ve been told by many church members a person’s careless words were spoken just before worship began that took the wind out of their sails.  They bemoaned how for the rest of the morning their mind was not on worship or the Gospel… but on what that person said.  That is sad…

All who want to encounter God regularly… need to have a blind eye and a deaf ear.  That means it is good, best, and right to NOT hear or see some things that go on in church!  There are times it is best to ignore the gripes and complaints of misguided people who Satan is using in an attempt to quench the Spirit… IN YOU!

Here are phrases that causes me to ignore whatever they say next… “People are saying…” OR “A lot of people are saying…” OR “I’ve had people ask me…”

Translation… “I have something to say but am not man enough to say it myself.”

Be on your guard on Sunday morning and every time just before you worship!  Satan knows if he can get to you, he can get to God’s people around you.  Guard your heart.  Guard your spirit.  Be ready to say (In the inner man, and verbally if necessary), Get behind me, Satan! You area hindrance to me. For you are not setting your mind on the things of God, but on the things of man.”