I wrote a post about Amazing Grace the movie on January 16.  Now the trailers for the movie are being shown and I hope you will make time to go see it if at all possible.  It is a great presentation of a man who put Philippians 1:27 into practice!

 Sin Eater.jpgThere’s another movie that is out at the present time but hasn’t received much press.  The title is The Last Sin Eater and I have good information that it is another inspiring movie you can take the whole family to see.

Next week I have the honor of going on a retreat that has been planned for about a year.  I’ll be with several pastor friends.  Pray that we all will be renewed in our strength and in the Spirit as we fellowship together as brothers in Christ.

2007 County Champs.jpg  Last Friday night the MSHS varsity boys beat Hartselle in the subregion game by a score of 63 to 17!  That might be a record at the school for widest margin of victory.  Our boys were on that night and played well!

  Tuesday Muscle Shoals High School Trojan varsity basketball team will play Wenonah in the State Regional Basketball Tournament.  They will play at Wallace State in Hanceville at 10:30 AM.  God willing, I’ll be there!  And yes… I’m praying that if it’s God’s will they will win to keep progressing in the state playoffs!  Aside… God DOES care who wins ballgames, but that is a different subject for discussion at another time.

  This picture was taken after they won their third tournament in a row in December… the Colbert County Basketball Tournament (Trey {My son} is the second player from the left).  Currently they are ranked #10 in the state in 5-A.  Kudos the boys and to coach Dennis Conner who is one of the Deacons at Woodward Avenue Baptist Church.

God bless and I’ll catch you up on all things considered when I get back next week.