One of my preaching and teaching heroes is Dr. Tim Keller.  He is thoughtful, honest, and an astute Bible expositor.  Many times he has helped me in my understanding… other times he has given me something else to think about… then there have been times I was challenged in what I believe (Which is good for growth whether I agree with what is presented or not.).

You can download FREE MP3s of the messages or listen to streaming versions of some of his teachings.  I wanted to give you the link to download and listen if you would like.  These are offered for encouragement and to stretch, if not grow us, in our understanding of God.  Here are links…

   The Trouble With Christianity: Why It’s So Hard To Believe (Worth dowloading!  The basis of his recent book and a good series of messages for those struggling to become a Christian.)

   Suffering And Tragedy

   Money and Stewardship

   Questions and Answers (This is a number of topics and is short and to the point.  I appreciate his views and they are worthy of considering as God reveals Himself to us.)