THE most amazing thing about Christmas is called The Incarnation.  God became human.  That is THE most amazing meditation anyone can have on this day we call Christmas.  Think about it!

God the Son… with an eternal existence past… the Creator of the Universe… the One that holds all things together… the On that angels eternally worship… became a HUMAN BABY.

A baby… the most vulnerable and dependent of all creations.  A baby… that needed everything provided for him.  A baby… that cried, slept, woke up at odd hours, and had to be potty trained.  The Son of God Himself divested himself of deity somehow while retaining it completely in human form.  He became a human being… just like you and me.

God the Son… omniscient, omnipresent, omnipotent… became a human being!  How?  I don’t know… but I do know why!  So that he could live the life I should have lived and died the death I should have died so that I could be vested with all His holiness and perfection (Which is true of every believer).  The imputation of Christ’s perfection is the reason a believer can enter the presence of God.

Through the incarnation, Jesus (Who was 100% God AND 100% human) He experienced ALL the things any human being would ever experience it… to the fullest.  The loss of a parent… stomach cramps… the joy of playing with friends… skint knees… poverty… being misunderstood… temptations of EVERY kind (Yet without sin… even in thought).

THIS is what puts me into a state of awe and wonder!  THIS is what even angels in heaven long to understand.  THIS is what is the greatest marvel… mystery… and miracle of all the ages.  The Incarnation… celebrated on the day we call Christmas… is the moment when GOD broke into history in a manner no one expected, but He had planned in eternity past, to save ever person who would believe.

Praise be to God!