Given the last two days posts (Click & click)… consider…

Contentment is a state of absence from worry, fear, anxiety, and trouble. Contentment balances awareness and concern of potentially troubling events with an indomitable inner peace that is not bruised or dented by the rocks thrown by life.  A person who is content laughs at the troubles that come their way because their perspective on life is seated in heaven.  Contentment is a whole life matter and does not exclude any area of life.  Contentment be true for us in all except one area of life.

Contentment is a state of being… a perspective on life… an inner quality that does not come in a pill.  Contentment can’t be reduced to a mathematical formula.  Contentment isn’t a virus that can be caught from someone else.  Contentment is a gift.  Contentment is learned.  Contentment is the product of reflection.  Real, true, and lasting contentment is from God.

Contentment is a quiet and settled state of being that is convinced of God’s absolute sovereignty in the events of life.  Contentment is the assurance that God is in control and that whatever happens (Or is happening) is ultimately for His glory and the person’s ultimate good.  When a person is content to the degree I’m suggesting, the thing they desire most is God’s glory and therefore WHATEVER results in that… no matter what it is… brings them joy and thus they are content!

Are you contentWith what has happened to you for God’s glory?  With what is happening to you for God’s glory?  IS God’s glory most important to you… OVER your own personal desires, wishes, goals, and physical comfort?  Do you desire God to be honored in all things regardless of what they cost you in this life?  Do you PASSIONATELY DESIRE God’s will over, before, and in place of your own will?

When those things are THE desire of your heart, THEN you will be content… and wonder why you didn’t live, think, and believe that way sooner.