Last night at Huffman Baptist will be remembered by me and my family as one of the highlights of our lives.  The Church gathered to glorify God and celebrate the beginning of our ministry there.  There has only been one other time in my life that I have sensed the presence of God’s Spirit in a service like I did last night.  The whole service was a blessings on so many levels!  It was a good thing to be present when The Church came together in affirmation and worship of Jehovah God.  Grant me a few lines to recount them for you…

Saints from Huffman Baptist were present in abundance and I must say that I have never before been impressed with such a strong sense of pastoral love for people as I have for this precious flock.  They are more special to me than they know.  Were no one else there but them my joy would’ve overflowed!  Then there were people from churches I’ve served in the past which included: Moulton Baptist Church, Woodward Avenue Baptist Church, First Baptist Church of Oxford, and then a congregation I have a special affinity for (But have not served)… CrossPoint Church.  Along with them there were friends and family who attended that I am blessed to have met over the years.  Add to that Ryan Whitley, my friend of 32 years and pastor of CrossPoint Church, preached the Gospel clearly and passionately (Bless you my brother in Christ!).

The worship was Spirit Filled.  The reading of Scripture by Deacon Spence Burnette was encouraging.  The message delivered by Ryan was challenging and affirming.  The video message from Dr. Rick Lance was a tremendodus blessing too.  But I think the time that meant the most to me was when my family and I were surrounded by the church for the prayer of affirmation and consecration (See picture).  I know it wasn’t Pentecost, but I do think it is as close as I will ever be able to experience in this life.

While reflecting upon all these events one thought resounds through my soul… “God Is Faithful.”  Regardless of what hardship we experience… God is faithful.  No matter how confusing life seems… God is faithful.  If everyone abandons you… God is faithful.  In the midst of blessings… God is faithful.  In the midst of health… God is faithful.  In the midst of sickness… God is faithful.  Whether you’re employed or not… God is faithful.  Whether or not God grants the request we take to Him in prayer… He is faithful.

Praise be to Jehovah God alone!  Jesus is the King of all kings and LORD of all lords!  It is at His name that every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus is LORD!